Mabel’s Labels for Back to School

back to school mabel's labels

We are all geared up and ready for Back to School season in this household. I love labeling for Back to School it’s seriously so fun and relaxing…Just thinking of all the stuff I will get back from the lost in found this year cheers me up. Mabel’s Labels helping us parents keep this organized and together since day one!

We love Mabel’s Labels for their high quality and how durable they can be. The labels are water resist and washable, I have been using them for a whole school year and now had problems with them not sticking or holding up. They are just great!


Mabel’s Labels come in variety of combo packs, no matter the grade or age they have labels for all. The labels are colorful and come with personalized icons and fonts. The ultimate Back-to-school combo are great for elementary school aged children, and the Little Kid school combo is for preschool daycare kiddos.

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