cropped-cropped-BlogBanner_1082x280.jpgAs far as I can remember my Dad always had a camera pointing in my face, he loved caputering all the memories with his huge old school video recorder! My Dad recorded Holidays, Birthday Parties, Soccer games, & lots of Lazy Sundays. He became a big inspiration in me filming Youtube Videos.

At first Youtube was more like a Hobby to pass my Stay at home mom time away, little did I know it would become a passion to my family and I. I love capturing my family and having a place to look back on all the memories. Also I feel great talking about my motherhood experiences and inspiring other moms in the same struggles.

LunaMommyVlogs led me here to Blogging  and sharing more of me through writing! Parenting, Busy motherhood Lifestyle, Thrifty shopping, DIY ideas, Bento School Lunches, Reviews on everything family related and so much more! Hope you join us on our Youtube Adventure.