Despicable Me Family Costume Reveal


The idea of having family costumes came for Kayla my 6 year old last year when we were frozen! She also made Daddy carve Elsa into our big family pumpkin and since last year its kind of became family tradition. We make our annual trip to pumpkin patch, picka big pumpkin and carve our theme on it! Yes as you can see this year its a Minion for our DESPICABLE ME Theme!


So here we are Kayla as Girl Minion, Henry as Gru, Annalee as Unicorn & I as Agnes! We debated a lot on who would be who and then after all the debating our costumes just fell right into place. Kayla and Annalee’s costume were store bought no more than 20 dollars each. Henry had everything in his closet to be Gru which was perfect even the scarf I gifted to him two Christmas ago (That He never Wore) and I  bought the cheapest overall I could find & the long sleeve shirt from Target, hot glue the red buttons and even cut my bangs to be Agnes! Crazy right? But I love this time of year where my husband and I can be children again, and really enjoy with our little ones.

small kaylasmall henrysmall crises small annalee 

So here we are all ready for Halloween 2015!


Also if you want to see us in charcater go check our video on Youtube LunaMommyVlogs! Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy & stay safe 🙂

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