Halloween Bento Lunches!

Halloween Bento Lunches!

This is our second school year packing Bento School lunches for Kayla our 6 year old daughter. It all started when she came home from school hungry stating that she disliked school lunch and she rather have homemade lunch packed each day for school. I jumped right on to Pinterest and came acroos Bento School Lunches, I knew right away she would love them & it would become my new obsession!! The Holidays make Bento lunches a lot more exciting so for each and everyone of them I get somewhat creative.

2 lunch

I Packed this Lunch with Laptop LunchBox

  • Green Grapes with Dollar Tree Bat Pick
  • Stoneyfield Organic Strawberry Yougurt, Spider Toy for Spookiness
  • Organic Go Bar Chocolate Chip
  • Two Salami & Mayo sandwiches shaped as Pumpkins
  • Colby Jack Cheese, cut with small bat cookie Cutter
  • Ghost Hard Boiled egg
  • Trader Joes Pumpkin Joe Joes

We also are in love with these Say Please Lunchbox Love Notes they are great to give nice little positive messages at school when they open their Lunchbox.

4lunch I packed this lunch with Goodbyn Hero

  • Popcorn Puffs from Trader Joe’s, Spider Toy ring
  • Apple slices with Pumpkin Pick from Dollar Tree
  • Witch Broomsticks, made with Cheese Sticks and Pretzel sticks
  • Spider Mayo & Salami Sandwich with Pizza Flavor Sticks
  • Boo! Trader Joe’s Alphabet cookies

3 lunchI packed this last lunch also with the Goodbyn Hero

  • Trail Mix with Peanuts, Almonds, Raisins and M&Ms
  • Apple Slices with Pumpkin Pick from Dollar Tree
  • Mummy Dogs made with Hot Dogs and Crescent Dough
  • Cheddar Cheese shaped with mini Pumpkin Cookie Cutter
  • Trader Joe’s Ketchup in Sistema Mini Dipper


I use these Wilton Edible Markers to draw faces or color in some decorations, and so far I have been loving them so much for those extra cutness touches. They come in a lot of different colors and are perfect for Holidays! Also can be used for Candy making and Cookies too.


Also for more Halloween Bento Lunch ideas make sure to watch my other lunches on my Youtube channel LunaMommyVlogs.



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