Kids Oral Care Routine & Baby Buddy Giveaway!

Kids Oral Care Routine

Baby Buddy Giveaway

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Halloween is over, and I am sure you have let your kids enjoy a couple of pieces of candy. As the Holidays approach I am sure they will have more goodies to follow. I wanted to share my Kids Oral Care Routine and what we do to keep their teeth cavity free and overall a healthy Oral Hygiene. In this video above I talk about how we have been maintaining their routine, and how Baby Buddy products have been super helpful with all the stages of my children’s life.


Here is the Baby Buddy Oral Care chart which is wonderful when choosing your child’s stage. Baby Buddy offers a variety of products from toothbrushes for pregnant mommies to stage 6 360 brushes for up to 12 years of age. Oral Care for me starts right at birth after feeding I always cleaned their gums. Remember it is never to early to start an Oral Care Routine with your children.


Both my girls got their first teeth around 6 months of age, as soon as the tooth was completely out we made our first dental appointment. To our family its important to make our kids comfortable and used to the idea of having to take care of their bodies. So we start at a very young age exposing them to whats to come later in life.

Making a routine fun is easy, we play this Elmo Brush your teeth song everyday for the girls to keep them excited about brushing their teeth. Trust me your kids will love this song too!




Like I mention on my Youtbe video Baby Buddy will be giveaway I Stages pack for two lucky winners! Enter the giveaway down below with Rafflecopter and don’t forget to leave me a Blog Post Comment! Good Luck to everyone who enters 🙂

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