Mamarazzi Luncheon with Hoda Kotb


TheMoms & Secrets Resorts hosted a Mamarazzi Event in Hunt & Fish Club NYC. We gathered to celebrate Hoda Kotb’s new book “Where We Belong.” The book is inspiring to just about anyone, the book is a collection of stories Hoda writes about different people who found where they belonged in different ways. By following passion,gut,and what they felt in their hearts.As a young mother who is growing and learning each and everyday this book has inspired me to think and analyze where I Belong!


@SecretsResorts served these chilled Secretini they were absolutely delicious and sweet.


So I think I know where I belong, I belong on a resort with a secretini in my hand lol


So great to be around so many inspiring powerful women. Hoda’s words touched everyone in that room. She is truly amazing.


Getting my copy “Where I We Belong” signed by Beautiful Hoda! I had an amazing time at the event and meeting Hoda and hearing about her new book, get a copy of the book here Where We Belong and let me know what you think! Till next time friends 🙂

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