Bento School Lunchboxes||January

January Bento School Lunches

Hey Everyone long time no videos! Well I have been extremely busy these past weeks and have really missed you guys! I also had an issue with my SD Card and getting it replaced. In the meantime I will upload pre-film Videos on my Youtube Channel LunamommyVlogs Here are this months Bento School Lunches 🙂 I can’t wait for my Valentine’s Bentos as they are always my favorite to make. I will also be sharing a Valentine’s Day Bento Recipe Idea so please stay tuned for that.



Lunch Boxes: Goodbyn

Bento Accessories: BentoUSA

Cute LunchBox Notes: SayPlease

More Bento Lunch Vids!
Bento School Lunchbox Ideas:
Bento Lunches April 2015:
Valentine’s Bento School Lunch 2015:
Back 2 School Lunch Recipes:


Hope you grab some ideas! Leave your comments down below. Xoxo Crisse



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