Toddler Pillow Transition & BedGear Giveaway

BedGear Pillow Transition 


Transitioning Annalee our two year old from a crib to a Toddler Bed was a story in itself that I will share in the near future. But Transitioning from No Pillow to sleeping with a Pillow was such a smooth transition thanks to BedGear’s BG-X-Kids pillow line. BedGear has the right pillow to help your child’s needs. They have specific pillows for back sleepers,side sleepers, and even stomach sleepers! Annalee has always slept on her stomach, its just what makes her feel the most comfortable. I felt safe to know that she would feel comfortable and sleep better through the night.


The BG-X-Kids Nitro performance pillows are perfect for stomach sleepers. They have a cuddle curve shape which provides perfect position for better sleep. All of BedGear pillows have the new Dri-Tec Technology which ensure to wick moisture and heat away from body temperature. No more flipping the pillow to the cooler side. My toddler seriously sweats when she’s sleeping just like Daddy.

Learn more about the feature of Dri-Tec Technology on BedGear Youtube Channel

70-7227-Kids Pillow size

I love how you can customize your child’s Pillow by they body size and the perference of the position they sleep in. Here is this helpful chart to help you make a good decision on which BedGear Pillow is right for your child.

My full review and close up look to the BedGear Nitro Pillow found on My Youtube channel Lunamommyvlogs


Thanks BedGear for sending me Pillow for review and hosting this giveaway:)





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