Valentine’s Day at PlayfairNY

Valentine’s Day at Playfair


We celebrated our Valentine’s Day at Playfair this year, and it was so fun to be together as a family. We attended the Sunday Afternoon season and an absolute blast. Their were many playing booths and lots of shows on the “Toys R Us” stage all day long. Sharing Pictures of our day here.

cb valentine

Before arriving to the city for Playfair, we gave the girls their Valentine’s Day baskets. The girls didn’t get much this year but what we gave them was more then enough. Shopkin Valentine’s Day collection was in Kayla’s basket, and KizBop31 was a huge favorite the girls love tuning in to their favorite songs! The new Build-A-Bear Care Bears took the show that day. The girls were so happy with their new bears and loved cuddling them all up.



Kayla and Annalee with the Huge Lego Hulk.


Lego had blocks in abundance and Daddy helped build a few things!


Annalee is a toddler and lately she has been head over heels for Thomas the Train. she ran so happy when she saw him in Lego form. The conductor was also their greeting all the kids.



They also got to meet some of their favorite characters like Ninja Turtle, and Paw Patrol!


Check the Youtube Video to see all the fun 🙂

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