100 Days Of Happiness Planner

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My journey to live a happier life starts today! Today is Day one of positive thinking, calmness, and I am saying Goodbye to my anxiety. I have recieved  TheHappinessPlanner and I am looking forward to begin my 100 Days of Happiness with my new planner. The Happiness Planner has a beautiful design and the layout is made so it’s easy to use by anyone, even if you are not a planner addict like myself.

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TheHappinessPlanner allows you to focus on what makes “YOU” happy. As I was going through the planner and reading some of the goal questions, I realized I was not as happy as I thought I was. A big part of what was taking my happiness was my anxiety. I have had anxiety my whole life, but since becoming a mother I have felt that it has seriously taken over me. My Planner will help me stay positive and throw curve balls at my anxiety.

Happiness Planners states that,

You will be encouraged to;

Set goals that will maximize your happiness level.
Practice self-reflection so that you understand yourself better.
Plan your life around things that truly matter with those who truly matter.
Start each day with an exciting and inspiring thought.
Cut out things that hold you back.
Train your mind to always look at the positive side of things.
Learn to master the art of resilience.
Strengthen relationships with your loved ones.
Spend more time and money on things that truly make you happy
Eat healthy and exercise regularly
End each day with gratitude



The Planners come in three gorgeous colors and retail for only 29.00, I hope you all join me in my quest for a happier life. Check out my video and flip through of the 100 Days Happiness planner in the video down below. Xoxo Crisse

Remember to live happy and always do what makes you happy. 











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