Toddler Surgery Day:Tonsils,Adneoids, & Eartubes

toddler Tonsillectomy ear tubes

Surgery Day!

On my last Blog Post I talked about how we prepared ourselves and Annalee for her E.N.T surgery (Tonsils,Adneoids, and Ear Tubes) now I want to share a little bit on how Surgery Day unfolded itself.

Depending on the type of anesthesia is being used, your child may not be able to eat or drink for several hours before hand.I was extremely nervous about this because Annalee loves drinking her milk after dinner and early morning.We feed her dinner early,and then her milk- She went to bed just fine.In the morning she was too tired to remember her milk,Which was great for us. Because children are not allowed to drink or eat ,the offices try to schedule  the smallest kids in earlier for surgery. Annalee was 2nd at 2 weeks short from 3 years, she was scheduled for 9:00 a.m

Annalee was able to bring a comfort object like a stuffed animal or a blanket, so she chose to bring Arlo the dinosaur with her. Arlo always makes her feel brave,  We also brought her Ipad to watch her shows, her doctor kit, and a few other activities to distract her while we waited. The best thing we brought were her two surgery books Goodbye Tonsils and Tubes In My Ears the books made her better understand step by step everything that was happening. Even the nurses used them to explain to her what they were doing!


toddler surgery playroom

The hospital where she had her surgery had an awesome playroom which the nurse suggested we waited in and distracted her from all the doctors and nurses coming in and out to see her. She was so excited to be there I just saw nothing wrong with her at that moment. Her faces was so lit up.

toddler surgery

Daddy and Annalee had so much fun with this wagon! He took Annalee around the hospital floor like three times. It was nice spending this time as a family right before her surgery. It didn’t only allow Annalee to be comfortable but also gave us a chance to see her smile and so happy!

toddler tonsillectomy

One parent will be allowed in the O.R only. I knew that parent would have to be me, I know your thinking WHAT!? I am the weaker parent, I have anxiety and worry pretty much about everything. I am also super emotional when it comes to them. I cry on the first day of school every year! There is something about difficult situations that makes me the stronger parent. I honestly get this strength around the kids that makes me super mom. My oldest had surgery done three years ago and Henry was in tears before even saying goodbye.

Annalee was so brave! She has always had such a tough personality,let me tell you that this little girl walked into the Operating Room like a champ. She was able to bring in Arlo all the way, the doctor even had him go through surgery to show Annalee how it would be.

toddler surgery tonsillectomy

Toddlers can be unpredictable after waking up from anesthesia-some are sleepy and cuddly and some,well like Annalee super upset and pissed off. The nurse said she could not wait for us to be get there, Annalee was acting up so much she was bleeding from her lip when we got to her. Henry and I took turns holding her in the recovery room. Since she is a Daddy’s girl we thought she would prefer Dad but in all she only wanted Mommy! This made me so happy 🙂

Your child will be in the recovery room for about an hour, if he or she is drinking well and showing no alert signs you should be able to take them home. After surgery Annalee was exhausted so when we got home she slept for five hours straight.

toddler surgery

Recovery will vary from child to child and depending on the procedure. Just remember to be patient, your child will not be themselves right away. It will take some time for them to start acting normal self. If your little one will have to get any of these surgeries and you want mom’s perceptive you can always send me a private message.

goodbye tonsils

I hope you will never need this information, but if you do Good Luck and fast recovery for your child. If you need some tips in preparing for surgery this Blog Post should help HERE

Check out the Vlog on my channel Lunamommyvlogs to see what were up to leading to the Toddler Surgery Day! Xoxo Crisse



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