Leapfrog Product Showcase 2016!

leapfrog product line

Leapfrog hosted their annual product showcase in New York City a couple of weeks ago, I was honored to be invited to their sneak peek of the 2016 product line up. So much to see and learn as Leapfrog expands their educational toys. I grew up playing with Leapfrog, so its really great to see how far they come. Exciting things coming include LeapStart,Leapfrog Epic and LeapPad Platnuim and lots of new Baby-Toddler interactive learning toys.

leapfrog leap start

LeapFrog announced LeapStart, a new interactive workbook that helps to prepare kids for the classroom and life beyond. LeapStart is helping kids thrive by teaching them critical skills they need at every stage today. Priced at 39.99 for the LeapStart system and $12.99 for 16 additional LeapStart Activity Books.
LeapStart has a library of books across 4 different learning levels, children can grow and progress.

Level 1-Preschool

Teaches ABCs, counting, problem solving, creativity, as well as health, shapes, colors and music.

Level 2-Pre-Kindergarten

Introduces reading, writing, early math, and school routines as well as teamwork, communication and social skills.

Level 3 Kindergarten

Introduces phonics, addition, subtraction and global awareness as well as animals, conservation, logic and reasoning.

Level 4-1st grade

Teaches vocabulary and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), plus problem solving and communication.

leapfrog epic

LeapPad Platinum

Unlock gaming magic with an all-new way to play on LeapPad
Activate 30+ cards
with the LeapPad camera
Bring characters to life in the downloadable learning game
Compatible with your tablet
LeapFrog Imagicard works with all LeapFrog Tablets

Priced at 129.99 available with Green or Purple bumper for ages 3-9.

leapfrog toddler toys

Have a little one at home? That enjoys tech toys but your worried they are not getting that much education from their toys! Well that is the struggle we are all facing today with these high tech children. LeapFrog has the solution all of their toys are educational and interactive. Here are some of our top toddler toy picks.

melody the musical turtle leapfrog


Melody the Musical Turtle: Ten musical activities prompt toddlers aged 2 years and up to find numbers and colors, repeat sequences from memory and create tunes by pressing light-up buttons on Melody’s shell. Priced at $19.99.

leapfrog count along register

Count Along Register: Budding entrepreneurs can run a store and expand their imagination through pretend play and exercise social play skills that help them build a foundation for core and life skills. The talking, interactive cash register features an adorable character that talks, sings and lights up, offering much more than typical calculator-like cash registers. Priced at $19.99

leapfrog musical mat

Learn & Groove Musical Mat: An interactive floor mat that develops cognitive and physical development. Kids get to move, dance, and play music while they learn foundational mathematics skills, as well as 21st century skills, such as creativity as they compose their own tunes, and collaboration as they play with friends. Priced at $29.99.

See all the new Product line at www.LeapFrog.com


Disclosure: This is not a compensated or sponsored post. I was invited to attend the event. All opinions expressed here are my own.


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