6 Tips for moving with Kids!



Are you moving soon? Have kids? It can be really stressful to move, and then when you add in kids, it can be almost impossible, thanks to the massive amounts of stress. If you are planning a move with kids, keep reading! Today, we are talking about how to make it easier for you – and for them. Here are my best tips:


Do Not Rush

The easiest way to make moving with kids seamless and stress-free? TAKE YOUR TIME and do not rush. If you are in a rush, it will be that much harder and more stressful for you and the kids, so please, whatever you do, take your time. Explore new cities, figure out where you really want to move, and then work your way down the list. Hire a great real estate agent, take time packing, envision yourself in your new home(s) to make sure that it’s a good fit, go furniture shopping, and get your kids involved. You know what they say – slow and steady wins the race!


Hire Movers

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Make House Hunting Fun

If you are still in the process of house hunting, make it fun for the kids! Listen to their opinion about each house that you go to and get them to tentatively pick out their room, playroom, etc. Let their imagination run wild, just as you do yourself when house hunting. Getting them to visualize living there is good, as long as you let them know that they cannot get attached to a home until you actually put an offer on it – and it’s accepted. So, this means that before you take them with you, give them the talk about how it is not your home yet and you are just looking. 


Explore Your New City or Neighborhood

If you are moving to a new city or a new neighborhood, take the time to explore it with your kids – and make it fun! Do they have a favorite meal? Maybe a good cheeseburger? Well, take the time to do a lot of research behind the scenes to find the best burger place in your new town. Then, visit it with your kids. They will get excited, knowing how close this awesome new burger place is to their home! This is a great way to introduce your kids to the new city and make it really fun for them. It will definitely help the transition quite a bit! 


Get To Know Neighbors

Be sure to give your children lots of opportunities to meet new friends. This might be the time to let your kid sign up for as many activities as he wishes – you never know if they might find a new hobby while they are at it! You want your child to try out new experiences with different groups until he finds the ones who click and become their new best friends. As for finding some mom friends, if your schedule permits you to arrive early to chat up other parents, do it. Volunteer to be a room parent, join a local club, or throw a housewarming party.


Allow Their Angst

As sad as it might be, crying, tantrums, and even regressions are completely normal during a move. Even if they are so exciting, do not underestimate how difficult this transition may be for your kids – especially if relocation means separating from someone they love and depend on, such as a caregiver or a grandparent. No matter how they feel internally or externally, it is all normal. You just have to help them work through it, while allowing them to show their feelings!

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