Toddler Meal Ideas!

If you already watch our Toddler Meal Ideas on Youtube Channel then you have a pretty good ideas on what we feed our picky two year old Annalee. We always encourage new foods even if the kids end up hating them. Annalee isn’t big on Vegetables but we still offer them to her for positive reinforcement. Wanted to share some meals on here with more details on the foods!



pink plate

All Toddler Meal Ideas are served on Re-Play Products!

  • Trader Joe’s Vanana Yogurt
  • Strawberries
  • Homemade Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Roll]


blue plate


Lunch yellow plate


  • Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheedar Popcorn
  • Trader Joe’s Jazz Apple Slices (Our favorites)
  • Dino Shaped Patty BJ’s carries them
  • Ian’s Alphatots Potatoes Non-GMO & Allergy Friendly
  • Trader Joe’s Organic ketchup
  • Juicy Juice Apple Juice Box

I made four of these lunches because the girls had a playdate & all the kids really enjoyed them 🙂

purple plate

  • String Cheese Cut into small bites
  • Peaches Cocktail
  • Homemade Pizza made with the girls (kids love to cook)
  • Honest Watermelon Juice

Re-Play_Stacked-X2  aqua_starter_set_1024x1024

We are seriously loving Re-Play brand for out kids feeding and meal time needs! Re-Play is so fun and simple for kids of all ages! Please look out for a Review at Lunamommyvlogs and Giveaway here on the Blog! Talk to you all very soon! LOVE,Crisse



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