Holiday Guide for Kids 2015!


The Holidays are here! We are getting ready to purchase the Hottest toys for our kiddos and give them the perfect gift. In this Holiday Gift Guide I share with you our favorite toys and what we will be gifting our girls for this Christmas. So here are some ideas to help you out this Holiday Season….


Our girls love Shopkins they had to be in our Holiday Gift Guide, Kayla our (6) year old collect the little guys, and most playsets. She was missing the Shoe Dazzle Playset so we are giving it to her for Christmas. Purchase yours here Shopkins Shoe Dazzle


Kids love music, most kids love signing and dancing to the latest hits! I am always concerned with the lyrics from the music in the radio so Kidz Bop had save music for kids sung by Kids. The Latest Kidz Bop 30 features some great songs like “cheerleader” and “Bad Blood” We have also been enjoying the Christmas music from the Kidz Bop Christmas Wish List. The New KidzBop Toothbrush makes a perfect stocking stuffer,your kids can now brush while listening to their favorite tunes. Get Yours here Kidz Bop


We are staring family game night here in our home, we want our children to play classic board games just like my husband and I played when we were younger. I know starting family game night will bring our family together and disconnect us from all the tech toys the girls are into nowadays. Board games are great gifts for everyone. Hasbro games here Hasbro Games


Green toys are so amazing they are not only Eco-friendy but very enviromental for kids to have toys that they can use to explore and learn about the world around them. Annalee my (2) year old loves her Speed Boat for summer time fun in the pool or even for Bath Time her at home during the winter months. Find the perfect toy for your little one here  Green Toys


Minions are a huge hit here in our home from the movies to the clothing to the awesome talking minion toys! My girls love them so much so I know they will both be enjoying this Talking Minion Kevin toy. He talks and says quotes from the films and also moves his body around. Super cool huh! Get a minion here Minion Kevin


Very kid loves play dough, but at times my girls are confused on how to play with it. So when I saw this Melissa and Dough Shape,Stamp,& Roll Playdough set I thought it would be perfect for my toddler to practice her motor skills and explore with it. Purchase a set her Melissa and Doug Playdough Set


I See Me Books are super amazing they are personalized stories for your child. Personalized items make special gifts for anyone specially these books that mention your child’s name throughout the book and can personalized with your child’s skin color,colored eyes, and hair type. I SEE ME! doesn’t only have Christmas books they have lots of personalized stories and items, See them all here I SEE ME


Dinsey Infinity 3.0 is the latest Star Wars video game must have! My girls love playing with these video games since Daddy is always playing. We bought the girls the Inside Out charcaters and they can play with them as well with the toy box takeover. Love having a kid friendly video game system. Disney Infinity 3.0 here Star Wars Limited Edition


Do your kids love playing on your phone or their iPads? If they do you are not kids love their Tech but I hate when they have their faces stuck on them without being active. Moff Band is the new wearable smart toy that allows your child to pretend and be active at the same time. Moff band are Wrist Band that connects to Bluetooth and go along with the Moff App and your child can be a fairy or cook up something to eat. Moff Band is teaming up with PBS Kids to bring educational fun to your children. You can find the app here PBS KIDS MOFF APP get your Moff Band for this Holiday Season.


Build-A-Bears are so fun. I posted our whole experience on a Blog Post and we had an amazing time. The girls loved going their for the Holidays and having the chance to stuff their very own Build-A-Bear friend. I would recommend bring the kids to a Build-A-Bear Store near you and have your children experience the fun.


Every year we get the girls one big gift each from Mommy & Daddy! This year we decided to combine the big gift and give the girls a Palace Pets Magical Lights Pawlace. This beautiful Palace has sounds and light up staircase. Disney Princesses are even cuter as pets. This playset is compact and smaller than others and I enjoy that with my smaller apartment.  Kayla loves the playing on the App and now she can play with her sister in this Magical Pawlace. They will also receive two pets each. But this magical palace here Pawlace Playset





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