Preparing Toddler for Surgery

Preparing toddler for surgery


When Your Toddler Needs Surgery!

When you find out your child will need surgery, it can be a rather difficult thought to process and prepare for but its something we physically and mentally need to do. Tonsils, adenoids out and Tubes are in!

Annalee got her surgery procedure on May 19, It was heartbreaking to know she would need all three Ear tubes, Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy. Before we got the show on the road we followed a few steps to prepare her and ourselves for this day.

Prepare Yourself

Regardless of how minor surgery may be,it can be stressful. All the thoughts and anxieties are normal when you make a decision as a parent. Some helpful things I did to help myself cope with the surgery were..

Ask Your doctor questions..Call the office if you have to.
Ask friends who have gone through same procedures with their children
Find tips & tricks on Parent Blogs or Youtube Videos
Read book to educate yourself on the Surgery or Procedures
Discuss your anxieties with someone close
Cry it out when you feel like you have to

Preparing toddler for surgery

Prepare Your Child

Getting your child ready for surgery is very important, we tried making it as fun as possible for her. To help ease these anxieties we bought her a Doc Mc Stuffins doctor kit and talked to her about how we were going to the Hospital and that the doctor would fix her ears and Throat. At this age, I thought she would not understand what this meant but to our surprise she understood the concept of “feeling better”,and how the kids in the books had to go through this as well. Annalee was at a young age for her surgery so she needed more time to understand it all, if your child is older don’t give them to much to worry about and prepare them only one or two days before.

  • Books! We read two great books to prepare for Ear Tubes & Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, Tubes In My Ears and GoodBye Tonsils
  • Buy a Toy Doctor Kit and Play Doctor. This is the one we bought Disney Doc McStuffins 6 Piece Doctors Set
  • I added an anesthesia mask for the kit and pretend with her stuffed animal, that when the mask was on him he would fall sleep. -Helped her better understand for her surgery.
  • Be Playful, Stay positive don’t ever show to your child that you are nervous or afraid they will feel what you feel. Let them know you will be there and that it will all be okay!

Preparing The Supplies

As the day becomes closer and the date of the surgery is finalized, its time to prepare the supplies you will need and that will help your days after feel a little bit shorter. After the surgery expect your child to be cranky and very needy of you. Have your husband take a couple days off or a close family member on hand to help.

Listen to what your child is trying to tell you,never force them to drink or eat if they are not ready.Also be advised that their energy level will slowly come back. Trust me a day after surgery Annalee was already jumping up and down!!

I have always been the over prepared mommy, I love making list and preparing a couple weeks in advance.This is the whole point of this Blog Post(I couldn’t find much Information on what was helpful for other moms) So I did my own research and found some products and Tips to survive after the Toddler Surgery.

  • Hydrate! Clear liquids are recommended, avoid red anything after surgery as It would be hard to tell if bleeding. We loved pedialyte,gatorades, and 7up.
  • Soft Foods:Some of her favorites were Soups (cold),Mash Potatoes,smoothies,Mac & Cheese and of course with Tonsillectomy ICE CREAM!
  • Moisture, We used a Humidifier after surgery because Annalee was so stuffy from the Adenoid removal. It help keep her nose moist, and helped her breath better.
  • Pain Relief, A little pain is expected so stock up on Tyneol we went through a whole bottle.We also tried the Cvs Sore Throat Lolipops and the Chloraseptic Kids Sore Throat Spray
  • EarTubes need special care after surgery, We received the EAR-BANDIT EarBandit Headband and Putty Buddies they have worked during Bath and Pool Time.
  • Entertainment! Your child and yourself will spend lots of time indoors for the first couple of days after the surgery. I suggest you buy some small new toys,borrow books & movies from the library.She loved blowing bubbles and her new hot wheel cars.
  • Special Cake! We love fun so we purchased a small Ice Cream cake and had them write “Goodbye Tonsils” on it, she was so happy to cut it and eat the next day.

toddler surgery must haves

I hope you found this Blog Post and don’t forget to share with any parents that may be in this situation. I will update on her surgery very soon. Xoxo Crisse


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