Beyond Tablet Game for kids!



  • Solving three Main-Pain-Points for parents
  • Best of Virtual and Best of Physical Worlds Combined
  • What Is Beyond Tablet
  • Technology Embedded in Beyond Tablet
  • An Original Invention

Beyond Tablet is a large smart tablet without a display screen. Children and families play Beyond Tablet games with physical game maps, cards, blocks, and figurines

We definitely defend ourselves as a modern family, and  I hate to admit it but my kids sometimes spend more screen time then they should. Summer break is in a full force and we are trying our best to keep the kids way from the electronics. Modern children love their tablets. If this sounds a little like your family, I have great news for you. Beyond Tablet is a modern technology tablet that allows your family to enjoy both tech and education.

Check out our latest video on Youtube of Kayla and her friend Alejandro playing Beyond Tablet


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