Making Tummy Time fun with Edushape Look & Feel Baby Book!

edushate tummy time

Tummy time is so important for babies! When we brought our little ones home we knew we would start them on tummy time as soon as we could. Right away we noticed Callie had amazing head support and love exploring.

The Edushape look & feel Baby Book  is one of our favorite toys. From birth, babies respond to high contrast colors especially black & white, and many people always ask us why we choose to buy all baby things for Callie in these colors and shapes. We knew right away we wanted to encourage Callie’s sensory development so we decided to purchase items that could help her with that.


edushape book


This soft, easy-to grasp book unfolds to bold shapes on one side and smiling animals on the other. Each animal has special features for baby to explore, crinkle, squeak and play with. We also love that it comes with a mirror that is perfect to engage your child’s developing vision and curiosity.


  • Can be attached to baby’s bed
  • 100% fabric construction
  • Hand wash only
  • Measures 6.5″ L x 3″ W x 7″ H


Purchase Edushape Look & Feel Baby Book Here BuyBuyBaby



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